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About Cartoons by Miguel Melendez

Howdy! This page is a current history of Cartoons by Miguel Melendez. Take a look around at some of my current projects and history. Thanks for stopping by! - Migs

Miggy Mutt & Cappy

I first doodled Miggy Mutt and Cappy in 1993 and since then the characters have evolved into hand painted greeting card series, customized party favors for children and photomontages featuring a life sized Miggy Mutt.


Inspired by the urban subway art of the 1970's - 80's, I developed my illustration style as an extension of my appreciation for the vibrant, colorful and whimsical drawings from my native South Bronx.


The GOBLINS - 2014 was the year the goblins took center stage at charity events and I participated in a gallery show at Chelsea Eye Art in NYC, benefiting LifeBeat.

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FLOCO RABBIT BUTTONS, PLATES & PILLOWS - In 2013 I continued expanding my characters on plates and pillows. It was also the year I donated Floco the Black Rabbit pin buttons to several charity events. The year ended with a festive party featuring my cartoon masks.


HOME DECOR AND PIN BUTTONS - 20012 was a burst of energy, I discovered a new set of home decor products - PLATES! COASTERS! PILLOWS!  Several new products debuted this year, including baby blankets, and I continued to promote mugs bearing my characters.

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GOBLINS, A POOCH AND ANOTHER MURAL - 2011 was the year I got to bring back a certain sassy pooch! TINA POOCH! I got to work on velum paper for a goblins series. By early Summer of that year, I got to help with several charitable causes by donating tote bags. It was also the year I fell in love with adorable little goblin faces on buttons.


THE GANG IS ALL HERE - 2010 was my return to the Washington Heights Art Stroll, third year of participation. It gave me a chance to host an artist studio open house for friends and loved ones. Floco the Black Rabbit stole the show and was featured on the front page of the art section of the Manhattan Times.

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LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! - 2009 was the year of my first professional photo shoot, Miggy Mutt, Cappy and the characters looked great on these kids and models. Many thanks to my dear pals for joining me in this proof of concept photo shoot.

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2007 - 2008

CUSTOM PILLOWS AND MURALS - 2007 & 2008 saw a flurry of experimental activities, including hand made colorful pillows and a mural. Most of these years were dedicated to product testing such as drawstring bags, mugs, more pillows...and I opened up my shop.

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OUR FIRST ART STROLL - 2006 was the year of the local art stroll, thanks to the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA). Miggy Mutt, Cappy, LuLu, Floco, Capette and Kookie Kangaroo were featured on 18" x 16" placards as part of a carnival inspired exhibit.


TRAVELING WITH MIGGY MUTT - There is no better travel companion than Miggy Mutt. In 2005 we traveled to several cities. Next time you travel, pack your items in a Miggy Mutt duffle bag or tote.


BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND STREET FAIRS - In 2004 I created several precious birthday treats including a custom cake, birthday giveaways, balloons and more! It was also the year Miggy Mutt and Cappy were featured at street fairs.

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BABY CLOTHING - 2003 I started making hand-made infant bodysuits and bibs. I also continued exploring several hand made T's and extended the holiday spirit all year long.

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2001 - 2002

EVERYDAY IS X-MAS! - 2001 & 2002 were the years I decided to go back to some cartoon characters I had drawn in the 90's, Miggy Mutt and Cappy!... it became more than a hobby, it became an obsession and new characters were created such as Capette and Miguette. I couldn't resist playing Santa!

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The 90's

HAND PAINTED T-SHIRTS - Hand painted T-shirts became my medium of choice and  my cartoon creations were incorporated in a Hip-Hop Disc Jockey logo (Spoo Love 1994). Since debuting some of my characters during a Columbia University student talent showcase, "The Latino Pride Showcase" of 1994, I've worked on a series of special projects. 

The 80's

THE EARLY YEARS IN ARTS & CRAFTS - Alumni of the Bronx River Arts Center (1984 - 1986), where I received instruction in ceramics, silk screening and papier-mache, my ceramic animal masks series were featured on the public television program "Nueva York Ahora" (1985). I also had the honor of being one of nine hundred children to create a banner commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Statue of Liberty with Keith Haring (1986).